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The K9Edge

Dog Daycare in Danvers

Dog Daycare at The K9Edge

Our trained, caring staff makes sure each dog gets plenty of fun and exercise. Every dog gets Individual attention, exercise, love and play in our three play areas.

We separate dogs by size and temperament, and everybody gets time, attention, and space. Dogs nap when they are tired, and run and play when they are not. Our heating and cooling system keeps the play area warm in winter and cool in summer. Our 1/2 inch thick soft rubber flooring indoors provides cushioning for their joints.

As part of our day care and boarding services, our trained staff monitor the health of your dog’s ears, teeth, skin and coat daily. We do general maintenance on your dog as part of our basic care, and we will alert you to any of your dog’s grooming needs. We never charge for snuggle time, because we would never deny any dog its equal share.


In order to attend day care or board at The K9 Edge, dogs must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Dog owners must complete our application
  • An evaluation by our trainer (Evaluations are free of charge.)
  • Dogs must be on flea and tick preventative
  • Dog's must have proof of a negative fecal sample
  • Dogs over 6 months of age must be neutered or spayed
  • Dogs must have current records of the following vaccinations: DDHLP, Bordatella, and Rabies (Rabies after 4 months old)

Daycare Evaluation

To attend Daycare your dog must undergo a scheduled EVALUATION which includes reviewing your application and temperament testing. Our evaluation ensures that your dog will be as safe as possible here at The K9Edge®. Evaluations are free of charge and last about 45 minutes. Call or email us to schedule one today! 

Please bring copies of each of the following to your evaluation appointment so we can fulfill both our own and the city’s requirements:

  • Your completed application
  • Proof of vaccinations 
  • Rabies vaccination certificate after 4 months old
  • Sterility certificate (after 6 months old)
  • Current Dog license
  • Complete medical records for any ongoing medical issues

Daycare Hours

Our daycare hours are from 7A to 6P Monday through Friday except for The K9Edge DATE NIGHT CARE (see below). 

Please try to be on time as our Training classes start at 6P sharp. Please call if you need special arrangements.


Are you hoping for a date night but are worried about leaving your dog at home? Well worry no more. The K9Edge is offering DATE NIGHT CARE. One weekend a month we will be offering Friday and Saturday night Date Night Care from 5pm to 11 pm. Call us to find our our DATE NIGHTs. Reservations are required For DATE NIGHT CARE.