The K9Edge plans the play groups based on schedule of dogs for that day. We ask for at least 24 hours notice to schedule your dog for daycare but we will adjust for any last minute "surprises".

Our goal is to make life convenient for our human clients and fun, comfortable and safe for our furry ones!


In order to attend day care or board at The K9 Edge, dogs must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Dog owners must complete our application
  • An evaluation by our trainer (Evaluations are free of charge.)
  • Dogs must be on flea and tick preventative
  • Dog's must have proof of a negative fecal sample
  • Dogs over 6 months of age must be neutered or spayed or become a Solo Dog (see below)
  • Dogs must have current records of the following vaccinations: DDHLP, Bordatella (must be given at least a week prior to first day of daycare), and Rabies (Rabies after 4 months old)

Our Facility

Modular Play Areas

Our 4000 square foot daycare area has twelve modular play areas. We follow ASPCA guidelines that suggests the optimal size of a dog daycare facility is 100 square feet per large dog, and 50 to 60 square feet per small or medium dog. Our play areas are enlarged for larger playgroups and reduced for smaller groups. 

Climate Control

Our heating and cooling system keeps the play area warm in winter and cool in summer. Large area fans and ceiling fans keep the air circulated. 


We covered our poured cement flooring with 1/2 inch thick soft rubber which provides cushioning for their joints. Cement alone is pourous and gets slippery when wet. Painted floors, cement or otherwise, peel and chip. 


We vacuum and wash our floors, play sets and vari-kennels with Neutral Q every night and spot clean during the day as needed. 

Nap Time

All dogs get rest time...yes, dogs do get cranky when they are tired.

Every dog has access to a safe, comfortable napping spot in one of our rest areas, a vari-kennel, in our kennel or on a lap! 

Our trained staff monitors the health of your dog’s ears, teeth, skin and coat daily. We check your dog daily as part of our basic care, and we will alert you to anything we find that is unusual.

Dog Daycare at The K9Edge

Our trained, caring staff makes sure each dog gets plenty of fun and exercise. Every dog gets Individual attention, exercise, love and play in our custom designed play areas. You may drop off your dog off at ANY time during  our daycare hours at The K9Edge. Our Trainers and Kennel Technicians know each dog very well including your dog's favorite playmates.  

Dog Daycare in Danvers

A Solo Dog is fine with humans but has a very limited circle of dog friends, perhaps only one or two housemate dogs, or NO dogs friends at all.

A Solo Dog is also an intact male or unspayed female over 6 months of age. These dogs may be good with other dogs but must be spayed or neutered by 6 months old to be in one of our playgroups. 

Solo Dogs are not isolated a The K9Edge. Solo Dogs get everything our play group daycare dogs get, except their playmates are two-legged instead of four-legged!

  • They get the same amount of playtime in play areas next to other Solo dogs or playgroups. They play ball or fetch with a human.
  • They get rotated for same amount of rest time to one of our small rest areas, our kennel, a vari-kennel or in a lap - wherever they are most comfortable.
  • They get the same turnouts to the relief area as our other play group dogs.

As we get to know your Solo Dog and he or she gets to know us, we will find out which dogs he or she “likes” and is comfortable playing next to and arrange play areas accordingly.

A Solo Dog is not aggressive towards humans. If your dog is shy and fearful and requires a “proper introduction” and lots of time to become comfortable around new people, this is totally fine. But if your dog growls, snaps, or bites at humans without reasonable provocation, he or she isn’t a good match for the Solo Dog environment at The K9Edge.

Daycare Evaluation

To attend Daycare your dog must undergo a scheduled EVALUATION which includes reviewing your application and temperament testing. Our evaluation ensures that your dog will be as safe as possible here at The K9Edge®. Evaluations are free of charge and last about 45 minutes. Call or email us to schedule one today! 

Please bring copies of each of the following to your evaluation appointment so we can fulfill both our own and the city’s requirements:

  • Your completed application
  • Proof of vaccinations 
  • Rabies vaccination certificate after 4 months old
  • Sterility certificate (after 6 months old, or become a Solo Dog, see below)
  • Current Dog license
  • Complete medical records for any ongoing medical issues

We Do Solo Dogs!  What is a Solo Dog? 

Your dog is not limited to any particular play group and play groups change day to day. We group dogs based on size, temperament, arrival time, dogs already in daycare and the "mood" (yes, they do have moods) of the dogs that day. Our staff is trained canine body language and breed traits. That knowledge and knowing the personality of each dog is the key to successful play groups. 

ASPCA guidelines suggest that one person be assigned for every 15 dogs in a play group. The K9Edge assigns one kennel technician or trainer for every 10 dogs in a group. 


Are you hoping for a date night but are worried about leaving your dog at home? Well worry no more. The K9Edge is offering DATE NIGHT CARE.

One weekend a month we will be offering Friday and Saturday night Date Night Care from 5pm to 11 pm. Call us to find our our DATE NIGHTs. Reservations are required For DATE NIGHT CARE. 

Daycare Hours

Our daycare hours are from 7A to 6P Monday through Friday except for The K9Edge DATE NIGHT CARE (see below). 

Please try to be on time as our Training Classes start at 6P sharp. Please call if you need special arrangements.

Life is short.

Play with your dog. 

The K9Edge

Turn Out Schedule

The K9Edge follows a turn out schedule for all daycare and boarding dogs. Our outdoor relief area is secured by 6 foot stockade fence with safety barriers. Flooring is drainable artificial turf covering 3 inches of pea stone.

Each dog is walked to the relief area to eliminate and maintain housetraining. Our turn out schedule for both daycare and boarding dogs is 6 am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 5pm and 9pm. No dog is ever left alone in the relief area. 

Waste is picked up after each elimination and the entire area is washed with Neutral Q and hosed down with hot water daily.