Dave, he has been handling and training dogs in Germany and the U.S. for “a hundred years.”  Dave runs our Drop-In Obedience classes and trains our Daycare & Train and our Board & Train dogs. He also conducts private training lessons both In-Home and at The K9Edge and manages the Edge Kennel.

He lives with his wife Rosie, nine German Shepherd Dogs (Sarge, Diesel, Mya, Blitz, Bea, Sadie, Sam, and Kaiser), 3 Yorkies (Skittles, Puff and Lizard) and a bunch of chickens. 

Stephanie has been rescuing GSDs privately and as a rescue volunteer since 1991. Many were evaluated as “aggressive” and at risk of being euthanized. Some had issues that were easily solved with basic obedience and proper handling. In 2009 she founded the nonprofit charity GSR&RC and recruited professional dog trainers to evaluate and train these GSDs.

Pet owners of other breeds began to ask for help with their dogs. In 2015 she opened The K9Edge. Stephanie is a certified pet obedience instructor/trainer by North Boston Dog Training. Her graduation “thesis” was Nikko, a GSD evaluated as “aggressive” and turned away by several rescues. Two major Boston humane societies recommended that he be euthanized. Nikko now lives with a loving family and a sister GSD mix.

Stephanie is a two time Foster Failure to Bear and Cooper (“godzilla”), both GSDs. 


Stephanie Angiulo-Costa


The K9Edge Training Team

Kathy Copeland

Trainer and Volunteer Trainer - German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc. 


  • The K9Edge Daycare, Boarding and Training Center – Owner, Operator, Trainer
  • North Boston Dog Training – Certified Instructor and Trainer
  • German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc. (GSR&RC) – Founder & President, Evaluator, Trainer, Foster Home, Volunteer
  • American Kennel Club – Trainer/Evaluator (#94473) for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), Urban Canine (CGCU), Trick Dog Novice (TKN), Intermediate (TKI), Advanced, (TKA), Performer (TKP), Elite Performer (TKE)
  • United Schutzhund Club of America – Member
  • North Boston Schutzhund Club – Member
  • Simmons College Graduate School of Management - MBA


  • Canine Academy School for Dog Trainers-Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Canine Academy School for Dog Behavioral Studies-Certified Behaviorist
  • Olympia Kennels School for Dog Trainers–Certified Master Dog Trainer/Behaviorist
  • Operator & Training Director/ Behavioral Consultant - All About Dogs
  • Training Helper & Trial Decoy for O.G. Boston Schutzhund Club
  • Protection Training for Sport, Personal Protection, Law Enforcement
  • O.G Boston Schutzhund Club BH - Molly
  • President, Training Director and Helper & Trial Decoy Middlesex County SchH Club
  • OG Boston SchH Club High BH, High SchH 1 – Azko Palonia CS-ZM-Sch1 HOT
  • White Mountain SchH Club High BH – Hawk Von Olympia – HOT
  • Middlesex County SchH Club – Hawk Von Olympia – HOT SchH1
  • Mass-Conn SchH Club High SchH 2 – High Protection - Hawk Von Olympia SchH2 - HOT
  • Middlesex County SchH Club – Freight Train Award – Hawk Von Olympia SchH3 - HOT
  • United Schutzhund Club of America - SchH3 Club member - HOT
  • OG Boston SchH Club - Outstanding Service Award
  • Owner/Operator - Training Director  - North Boston Dog Training
  • President/Training Director  North Boston IPO Club
  • Certified Trial Helper - United Schutzhund Clubs of America
  • Hanyo von Mack-Zwinger BH - SNHWDC
  • Hanyo von Mack-Zwinger AD - SCWDC
  • Hanyo von Mack-Zwinger IPO1 - 2017 New England IPO Regional Championships, 2nd Place
  • Hanyo von Mack-Zwinger IPO2- Ocean State Schutzhund Club
  • Hanyo von Mack-Zwinger IPO3- 2018 National Working Dog Championship - Competitor
  • Hanyo von Mack-Zwinger IPO3- 2018 New England Regional Championship - Competitor

Mike Harrington began Training Dogs in 1986. He is a Certified Master Dog Trainer who studied Dog Psychology and Behavior Modification.

Mike has worked extensively with Top Trainers from the USA, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. He has trained hundreds of dogs, of all-breeds and coached their owners in Basic to Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification, Home & Personal Protection and all phases of Dog Sport Competition.

Mike has also raised, trained, titled, competed, and performed decoy work in numerous local and Regional Schutzhund Trials.

Mike’s clear understanding of canine behavior enables him to provide the finest dog training, bridging the gap of communication between owners and their dogs.


  • National Search and Rescue School – Alumnus
  • Granite State Search Dogs – Search and Rescue (SAR) Team Trainer
  • Rockingham K9 – SAR Team Trainer
  • National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) – Member
  • Retired Army IG Inspection Team
  • Retired State Trooper
  • American Kennel Club – Trainer and Evaluator (#94865) for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), Urban Canine (CGCU), Trick Dog Novice (TKN), Intermediate (TKI), Advanced, (TKA), Performer (TKP) and Elite Performer (TKE) 
  • German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc. (GSR&RC) – Evaluator, Trainer, Foster Home, Volunteer 


  • Specializes in working breeds, power breeds and dogs with aggression issues. 
  • Volunteer Trainer for GSR&RC rescue GSDs in Foster Homes, Board & Train programs and Adopted GSDs, Evaluator and Foster Home
  • American Kennel Club – Trainer and Evaluator (# 93729) for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), Urban Canine (CGCU), Trick Dog Novice (TKN), Intermediate (TKI), Advanced, (TKA), Performer (TKP) and Elite Performer (TKE)
  • Trained her Rottweilers in IPO under Ivan Balabanov in Plant City, FL
  • Trained service dogs in specialized physical tasks according to ADA laws

Mike Harrington

Training and Behavior Consultant

Life is short.

Play with your dog. 

Kathy has been training dogs since 1998 in Puppy Obedience, Basic Obedience, IPO (all phases) and Conformation.  She specializes in working breeds and power breeds. 

Kathy is also Foster Failure with her GSD Dino, now her Service Dog. Dino is a former rescue GSD who was saved by German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center.

The K9Edge

Dave Benoit

Trainer and Kennel Manager - Board &Train, Daycare &Train, Drop In Classes, Private Training 

The K9Edge is proud to have some of the best and most experienced dog trainers in New England. Our Team comes from a wide variety of training disciplines and experiences and backgrounds. 

Our training methods and styles may differ and that’s ok; your dog may respond better to a particular method. Not every method works for every dog and handler. 

We work with owners to give them the knowledge, tools and guidance needed to communicate with their dogs and work through training challenges and behavioral issues. 

Bottom line: we all have the same goal of training you and your dog to live a happy and safe life together.